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Friday, October 12, 2007

Mountain Pics

Oh, I posted the pictures from the mountain climb on Flickr.

They're here. Click "View As Slideshow".

By the way, my daughter is the gorgeous blond one; I'm the (way less than gorgeous) balding, goateed, chubby one....but hey, at least this chubby one made it to the top of a mountain. Not a bad thing, that.

The place was cool -- there are no roads up to the top, so you can only get there by hiking up. The people that live up there get their supplies 3 times a week by llama! There were small (but dry (and (sort of) warm)) cabins at the top, so we didn't have to pack up a tent or sleeping bag, which was nice.

At the end of the hike, on the way down, we saw a couple of large deer -- bucks, with huge antlers -- cavorting in the woods....and at the very end, a small bear.

I love the pictures of the girls at the very end -- they were so spent, they crashed right there, right on the concrete, and slept like, well, babies.

I'm, well, baaa-aack....

I kind of fell off the blogging bridge for a while -- not that anyone outside of my napping muse would notice. Been awfully busy.

Here's a very abridged list of the things I've done in the past month(ish):

* Climbed a mountain.
* Strugglingly got my legs in shape to climb a mountain.
* Completed (almost) the full length play I'm writing (and none too soon, given that rehearsals begin a week from Monday).
* Completed (almost) all the music I'm composing for said play. The only music left to compose is some incidental music -- scene change music, so forth.
* Held auditions and cast the play.
* Wrote some new software (for a small software business I'm starting). I still need to put together some help files and an installation program, then it'll be ready to market (and I don't think it'll exactly make me enough money to retire on, but I anticipate it bringing me a few hundred dollars a month, which will buy a pizza or two).
* Designed and laid out the program for the current show my theatre is doing (which is more work than it sounds -- easily 14 or 15 hours, anyway).
* Designed the marketing logos for all of our shows of the year (which can be seen at my theatre site . I'm no graphic artist, but I think they work okay.
* Oh, and updated our website to reflect this season. How that got to be my job is anyone's guess -- then again, how most of this crap got to be my job is mystery.
* Worked for a living.

I feel tireder (more tireder?) than it seems that short list should make me, but I know I'm forgetting stuff. Hey, I'm old. I not only forget stuff, but also sometimes I