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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Didn't feel real great last night -- had a heck of a headache. Kinda stumbled around the house, picking up stuff (a bit) and cleaning (a littler bit).

I delivered Michael's papers last night. Kind of a pain doing it yourself....driving on the wrong side of the road so you can put the papers in the box. Outside, the storm and the lightning was putting on a heck of a show, which was great when I was in the car.

Not as great when I had to deliver some of the papers to the customer's front porch. There's only 10 of those, so it wasn't that bad. Still, not that fun, either.

Then I spent a night not sleeping at all. I woke up (or was already awake) during every hour of the what little sleep I got was constantly interrupted. I have got to learn how to shut off the worry's like an evil little night-light, lasering into my mind igniting cortical brush fires.

It's stupid, anyway, to lie awake worrying about anything -- there's nothing you can do about anything in the small hours of the night anyway; and maybe getting some sleep will allow me to be more capable of dealing when I am awake and (ostensibly) responsible.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Last night I coached baseball...and for the third game in a row, we lost the game in the opponent's final at-bat. Yeesh.

It can be so frustrating.....the temptation is to go take the ball from our pitcher and tell him "Let me do it." I may be old (like really old), but I can still throw strikes, and I can still make a curve ball move.

Well, okay, that's not actually honestly tempting, but darn it's hard when we walk so many batters in the final inning.

Then, following the game, I went to the T-mobile store in the mall. I could get a new phone if I extended my contract, which was always the deal when I signed up, so I went in to do it. Shoulda been, like, 5 minutes....they had the contract, they had the phone...print it up, let me sign it, see ya.

I had not counted on their hiring policy of giving equal opportunity to the unredeemably dim-witted and immovably slow. It took an hour -- 60 minutes -- to gather my signature on a contract that was already in their 'puter.

Then they had to make a copy of my driver's license -- I had given it to them at the beginning of the 60 minutes of insidious torture -- and by the time the ordeal was over, they had forgotten to give it back to me, and I had forgotten to ask for it.

So, in 60 minutes, I signed my name, picked up a phone, and left sans ID.

Good thing it didn't take two hours -- I'da probably left naked.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Moving On

Here's a response to my earlier question posited here: What do you do when you've fulfilled your dream (or one of your dreams, at least)?

After playing Quixote, I don't have much of a desire to perform right now. I've never been that compelled to perform anyway, and since most roles won't compare, I don't know if I'll even want to get on stage much anymore. I really, however, have the bug to direct, and it's been re-awakened in me. I have mixed emotions about myself as an actor -- I usually think I'm probably competent, but rarely much more than that -- but I think I'm a damn good director. With certain shows, at least, I think I bring a sensibility to the table that a lot of directors might not. Ego? Yup. Repentent about it? Nope.

So...I'll certainly take the summer off, but I'll look for a directing gig come fall.

That said, having been seen in "Man of La Mancha" (and bad review notwithstanding), I've been getting attention from other directors and theatres...I've been contacted already 4 or 5 times, asking me to play a part in one of their upcoming productions. I don't know if I'll do one or not, but it's sure flattering to have someone reach out to me and ask.


I'm, um, back on the air.

I kind of (well, monumentally, really) burned out, and I just couldn't muster the energy to even think, much less record my unredeemably unworthy thoughts anywhere.

But this blog has always been kind of good for me, as a record and a rant-hole, and, well, I'm back.

I'm doing all right, really. Leaving for vacation this weekend -- two weeks in California (visiting family, seein' stuff, chillin').

I could use it -- 'specially the chillin'.

Here's a couple of pictures from "Man of La Mancha". Actual performance shots. In the makeup, I do look kind of insane, but what the heck....Quixote is nuts:

And here's one of the set (which did look better in person):